[Koha] About Koha Live CD experience

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Mon Nov 16 08:32:27 NZDT 2009

2009/11/16 Vimal Kumar <vimal0212 at gmail.com>:
> Dear Friends,
> Anybody tried Koha Live CD (Ubuntu 9.10+Koha 3.04) from
> http://mizstik.com/projects/koha-livecd/.
> I installed and tried in two machines with high configuration (2 GB RAM).
> I felt that Ubbuntu and Koha is very slow.
> Anybody tried this Koha Live CD?
> How was your experience?
The live cd does not use zebra, so will be much slower to search than
one set up to use zebra.
Also im not sure it does any optimisation of mysql configs either.

Ubuntu and Koha is fine, but like any web application you need to
configure mysql and apache to work best in your environment for
optimum results.


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