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Barbara Keef bkeef at windham.lib.me.us
Sat Nov 14 10:36:10 NZDT 2009

We are new to the Koha family. Just learning the ropes. Today we learned 
about "Create manual credit" when trying to "pay a partial fine". We know 
that this would completely confuse some of our staff, especially if it was 
busy at the desk.
We know there is a solution in the horizon (yea!) but in the meantime, has 
anyone come up with creative-and-simple ways to handle this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Sally Bannen
Adult Services/Cataloging Librarian
Windham Public Library
Windham, ME 04062
(207) 892-1908 

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  We are setting up our calendar and circulation parameters. We're having 
  trouble figuring out how to "make it do" what we are accustomed to, but I'm 
  starting to wonder if there is no way to do that...

  In our current system, we allow books to check-out for 3 weeks. We "count" 
  the days that we are closed, so an item going out on Monday the 2nd would be 
  due on Monday the 23rd.

  The only time an item going out on a Monday wouldn't be due on a Monday is 
  if the library has a holiday on that day... in which case, we would roll the 
  due date forward to the next day that we are open.
  But otherwise, patrons can usually tell when their items will be due based 
  on what day of the week they came in. Does that make sense?

  As far as I can tell, that system won't work in Koha. If we tell Koha that 
  items circulate for 21 days, but that we are closed on Sundays, the computer 
  doesn't count the Sundays... an item going out on Monday the 2nd would be 
  due on Thursday the 26th. Is that the way it works for your library?


  Windham Public LIbrary
  Windham, Maine  04062



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