[Koha] Barcodes on Label Batches

Amir Seni amirseni at gmail.com
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Hi Davita,

I've not seen your pdf but what I can tell you is that there's an issue with barcode scaling. Also I guess your labels might be small. How many characters are your barcodes?


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Hi Davita,

2009/11/11 Davita Janto <davita.janto at yahoo.com.au>
> Hi
> We are testing printing label batches with barcodes from Koha 3.0.3. The barcodes printed on PDF are always outside the guide boxes and changing the fonts on the templates as suggested doesn't make any difference, it only changes the size of the biblio. Have tried different templates settings and different layouts settings and the barcodes seem to stay the same and they look oversize. See attached for sample in PDF. Anyone had this problem or any suggestions?

Can you give us your layout settings?

Kind Regards,

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