[Koha] OPAC/ Amazon images/ Internet access

Erik Lewis elewis at ngrl.org
Sat Nov 7 08:18:34 NZDT 2009

You could use the old fake proxy trick where you set the proxy to be  
the local machine and add exceptions for Koha and Amazon.

Just a thought

On Nov 6, 2009, at 2:11 PM, Chris Cormack wrote:

> 2009/11/7 Barbara Keef <bkeef at windham.lib.me.us>:
>> Good afternoon,
>> We are setting up KOHA for our public library and I wonder if we  
>> use images
>> from Amazon on our OPAC, then patrons accessing the Amazon link  
>> through the
>> image would be online, of course.
>> Is there a way to allow patrons to view the Amazon info yet limit  
>> continued
>> access to the internet?
> The Amazon content is pulled into the browser, not into Koha itself.
> (All sorts of legal and practical reasons for this).
> But you could configure your firewall for all the OPAC machines (I
> assume you are just talking about the OPAC machines physically in the
> library, not people accessing the OPAC from home) to restrict access
> to just the amazon servers.
> So they would only have access to a tiny part of the internet.
> Hope this helps
> Chris
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