[Koha] Naming Practices: Authorized Values & Patron Attributes

Agnes Rivers-Moore arm at hanover.ca
Thu Nov 5 11:25:35 NZDT 2009

You are right about the special characters. I once tried to set up a 
Patron Attribute called Fire# and broke all kinds of things.

Chris Mueller wrote:
> What are "best practices" when creating new categories for Authorized 
> Values and new codes for Patron Attributes?
> By accident I found that the maximum number of characters for a new 
> Authorized Values category is 10. -- Nicole: Can this type of info be 
> added to the documentation please?
> Suspect there is a maximum number of characters for new Patron 
> Attributes codes but prefer not to create test codes until I find one 
> which is too long. Anyone know what the max number is?
> Also suspect that there might be problems with SQL statements if any 
> special characters are used in the categories and codes, other than 
> perhaps "_" and "." (underscore and period). Is it best to use only 
> alpha characters when naming categories and codes?
> Thanks for any insights and guidance. Chris
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