[Koha] Is this issue of barcodes a concern for Koha users?

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Thu Nov 5 09:58:38 NZDT 2009

Hi Lee

Not sure if I am following you, It doesnt sound like a Koha issue,
Koha doesnt force you to use any particular barcode regime, you can
use whatever you want.


2009/11/5 Lee Phillips <lphillips at buttepubliclibrary.info>:
> This is a correspondance from our state library about participating in
> EZProxy with the Montana Libraries.
> Do we need to conform to their barcode requirements?
> Lee in Butte
> Good morning,
> A primary reason to move to standardized patron and item barcodes is the
> possibility that the library will become a member of a shared system, of
> whatever kind, in time.  Once in a shared system, where the patron database
> in that system is not “segmented”, non-standard IDs, particularly those
> built incrementally (1000, 1001, etc.), run the risk of coming up against an
> identical ID. This is the case for either patron or item IDs and it stops
> the transaction in the system.
>  A segmented patron database in a shared ILS, while it could protect against
> this, doesn’t lend itself easily to opening up user walls when the libraries
> are ready to share user privileges (placing holds, checkout, checkin)
> between multiple libraries within the same system.
>  Barcodes standardization is, I believe, another area we get mired in,
> during statewide discussions.  This detail, while essential to the larger
> picture, seems to often detract us from that larger picture.
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