[Koha] Koha public Z39.50 server bug. Work to do in koha-conf.xml

tajoli tajoli at cilea.it
Sat May 30 03:16:52 NZST 2009

Hi to all,

last month different peoplae wrote about an error on how-to
put on-line a public z39.50 server.

The error (in the log of the zebrasrv) was:
zebrasrv(1) [request] Init ERROR 1 ID:81 Name:YAZ Version:3.0.45

I think To have found the source of the error.
See the first lines of koha-conf.xml with a public z39.50 server:
<listen id="biblioserver"
<listen id="authorityserver"
<!-- public server runs on tcp -->
<listen id="publicserver" >tcp:@:9999</listen>
you have the error.

But if you change the lines in this way:

<!-- <listen id="biblioserver"
>unix:/home/koha/koha-dev/var/run/zebradb/bibliosocket</listen> -->
<listen id="authorityserver"
<!-- public server runs on tcp -->
<listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:@:9999</listen>

the z39.50 public server now works (on biblios database).

But why ?
I think it work because in the rest of koha-conf.xml only two server are
biblioserver and authorityserver.
The server publicserver doesn't exist.
So the error that we see with yaz-client means:
"You are asking of an on-existing server. This is a permanent error.

This what I have found.
I don't know what is better to do now.
I don't what Zebra conf is needed to have in the local servers on unix
and only one server on public tcp port.


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