[Koha] Overdue notices

Cab Vinton bibliwho at gmail.com
Fri May 29 04:19:41 NZST 2009

Many thanks to the several folks who were kind enough to respond directly.

Answers follow:

> If you're using Koha to send overdue notices via email, how do you
> keep track of overdues where the patron has not provided an email
> address?

These notices are grouped together & emailed to the administrator
address (KohaAdminEmailAddress setting under System Preferences).
Simple macros in Word & Excel can be used to create a mail merge
document so these notices can be mailed out.

> If an email address is no longer valid, do returned messages get
> bounced to the administrator?

Bounced messages come back to the Administrator, or can be set to come
to specific email addresses at the circulating branch in question
(addresses for the branches are set under under Administration -
Libraries and Groups).

Finally, the text of the Overdue notices is set under Tools > Notices.
Rules for sending the Notices are set under Tools > Overdue notice/
status triggers.

Thanks to all again!

Cab Vinton
Sanbornton PL

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