[Koha] Koha trademarks

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Mon May 18 12:09:43 NZST 2009

2009/5/18 Rachel Hamilton-Williams <rachel at katipo.co.nz>:
> Hi
>> Unfortunately most foundations are built on a corporate model, and
>> corporations are not democratic by nature. I think we can do better
>> than a raw corporate model. I looked at the list of Chris'
>> suggestions, and they looked to have mature projects, like wine, on it.
>> >I really would prefer Koha to be controlled by a democratic foundation
>> >instead of a self-perpetuating one. There are risks to democracy, but
>> >at least if it stuffs up, it's the whole community's responsibility.
>> >Both SFC nor DSpace look undemocratic to me, appointing barons for
>> >life to rule over their serf projects.
>> >
>> And how is this behaviour different from the secret invitation only
>> mailing lists we've been hearing about?
> Erm, I think that is probably overstating things a little. From time to
> time something crops up that, usually for reasons of privacy or
> legality, are tricky to talk about on a public list.  We've had a
> "koha-manage" list for years, that has been lucky to be used more than a
> couple of times.
> For example, as part of approving people to go onto the paid for support
> list, we need to ask for some private info (referee checks etc), so we
> don't have that kind of thing going to a public list.

While it is probably overstating it a bit, I can totally understand
how that would be the perception.
And in recent times there has been discussion on it that would have
been much better served on the public lists.
I think where legality allows it, discussions should be public.
Decisions made that effect the community should be at least minuted if
not discussed publicly.

My 2 cents anyway


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