[Koha] Koha users feeback

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue May 12 22:38:23 NZST 2009

Frederic Demians <frederic at tamil.fr> wrote:
> Why not to use an user-friendly web service like uservoice.com? Feedback 
> submitting is coupled to a voting system. It should look like that:
>   http://koha.uservoice.com

"Please enable JavaScript (it's required)"
That's not user-friendly.  That's a very naughty site.
Please, if we start adding more web services, let's add
accessible-for-all ones instead of widening the digital divide.

I thought the decision for now was to try bugs.koha.org voting to
order them.  It should be possible to add a uservoice-looking
front-end if anyone cares enough to write it, but I'm not sure that
looking at http://2tu.us/eyh then clicking a bug number and then "Vote
for this bug" is ugly enough that anyone will bother.

But I could be wrong...
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