[Koha] Cataloguing articles within serials

Nelson Fredsell nelson at cfce.org.za
Tue Mar 17 21:29:49 NZDT 2009

Dear all,


1)      We would like to catalogue individual articles/chapters within some
of our serials/journals/periodicals.  I understand that using MARC 5xx or
6xx is a preferred method.   I've been unable to find examples of this on
the liblime demos thus far, and would like to see how this works both from
an administrator's standpoint and from a patron's.  


2)      After seeing an article, I'd also love to be able to Search for this
article to see whether I could find it in the catalogue, alongside books.


3)      I'd like for patron searches to include books, serials and articles
within serials, *within a single search of keyword, subject and title*.  I'd
perhaps like this to be the default search, rather than an Advanced Search.
Is Koha configurable in this way (without lots and lots of effort)?


Could anyone point me to an example or two, especially relating to point 1?


(We're a small NGO/non-profit in the field of independent education.)






Centre for Creative Education

Cape Town | South Africa



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