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Sun Jun 21 07:13:19 NZST 2009

knows how to set this up and import data into specific frameworks it would<=
be great to hear from you. =C2=A0If the only way is to use sql after loadin=
g then<br>
so be it, but I would prefer to use the loading tools if possible.<br>
Many thanks.<br>
Ian Bays<br>
Director of Projects<br>
PTFS Europe Ltd.<br>
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</blockquote></div><br>I&#39;d never tried your approach of mapping framewo=
rk code to a subfield, but to the best of my knowledge the default framewor=
k is hardcoded into and . This would=
 actually be a fairly easy enhancement.<br clear=3D"all">
<br>-- <br>Jesse Weaver<br>


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