[Koha] How to change currency symbol?

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While it is true that it is hardcoded in some places (i have noticed it when i glanced through the templates), my understanding is that the currency which has its exchange rate designated as 1 is picked up by Koha as the default currency.
So if you added the Indian rupee, change the exchange rates of other currencies relative to it, and set itself to 1.

i am unable to verify this immediately, but i remember that this has come up on the list before, and perhaps is on the help page as well.

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> Vimal, I beleive it is hard coded, you need to change them in individual pages.

True, and there is an open bug report for it, of sorts:


As I comment in the bug report: it sounds like we need some changes to
the "Currencies and Exchange Rates" interface to enable the
designation of a particular currency as the default. Once we're able
to establish a default currency we could set a system-wide variable
for that currency and modify the templates to include the proper

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