[Koha] MARC fields: server-independent URLs

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Thu Jun 25 08:09:25 NZST 2009


I'm looking at you New Zealanders. Is there relevant code in Kete that
could be hybridised with Koha to do this? (Or probably more properly as
a first step towards seeing this sort of functionality...) I have to
wonder if this is summat that Jo would have wanted by now... How much of
the graveyard search is automagic?


>Assume a bibliographic record present in Koha with no physical copy
>attached to it. Then, you, as a librarian, want to attach a file to the
>bibliographic record. So you select a format, a filename which is
>on your hard drive and ready to be uploaded, and you submit all this
>information to koha. The file will be stored somewhere on a file
>The question is: which part of code should be modified so that Koha
>generateds atomatically a URL and stores it in a 856$u UNIMARC field of
>the bibliographic record.
>This URL should be a valid URL which gives the user an access to the
>file, perhaps by means of apache rewrite rules.
>The question is really: how to do to have KOha modifying the MARC
>records to store the right URLs. Moreover, I don't think this can be
>done with Koha so the real question is which script or module should I
>modify sto achieve such a result.
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