[Koha] MARC fields: server-independent URLs

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Tue Jun 23 10:13:13 NZST 2009


Check this post - it helped me set up my Apache server so I could point to files located in a particular place on the server now, but provide for moving them in the future. 




>>> Sébastien Hinderer <Sebastien.Hinderer at snv.jussieu.fr> 6/22/2009 1:01 PM >>>
Dear all,

Is it possible with Koha to store only the book-specific part of an URL
in the record for that book ?
To explain the queston in more details, suppose all the books are files
that can be downloaded from
Obviously one does not want to repeat the whole URL in all records,
since one would have to change all of them, should the server change.

A similar question concerns file formats.
Indeed, for the computer it may be easier to store in 856$q a MIME media
type or even a number referring to an SQL table that describes each
format. However one would prefer to display a format descrition.
Does koha permit such things ? If it does, how should such
functionalities be implemented ?

Many thanks in advance for your helo !

Best wishes,
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