[Koha] Migrate Alice for Windows

Seth Mayo smayo at stpeters.nsw.edu.au
Fri Jun 19 19:00:06 NZST 2009

So the mapping and changing in MARCedit seems OK now.  However, I
still have a couple more questions for you.

1.  There seems to be Alice fields missing in the export and I'm
wondering what you did about this or if there is an Alice setting to
correct it.  I entered a fake 'book' into both systems and exported to
MARC for comparison.  The following are the results.  Note in 852 of
the Alice export there are no subfields for missing, supplier,
shelving location, acquisition date, etc.  In the Koha export these
subfields are present.  Did you have this problem?  Did you manually
input it, just leave it out or did you find a way to export it?

Sample Alice export:
=LDR  00612nam  22002171a 4500
=020  \\$a1234567890$c0.00
=040  \\$aSt. Peter's Anglican Primary - Library
=082  \\$aF$bAUT
=100  \\$aAuthor 1
=245  \\$aThis book is a test$cby Seth Mayo$h[Text]
=250  \\$aEdition$bAdditionalEdition
=260  \\$aPublisher Place$bPublisher$c2009
=300  \\$aPhysicalDesc
=440  \\$aSeries$vPart
=500  \\$aNotes
=600  \\$aSubject 1
=600  \\$aSubject 2
=658  \\$aC.A.P.A.
=700  \\$aAuthor 2
=850  \\$aSt Peter's Anglican School
=852  \\$kLocation$hF$iAUT$pR432252560$97.65$t0$zComment

Sample Koha export:

=LDR  00701nam a22002417a 4500
=008  090619t\\\\\\\\xxu|||||\||||\00|\0\eng\d
=020  \\$a1234567890
=040  \\$aSt Peters
=082  \\$aF$bAUT
=100  \\$aAuthor, 1$91
=245  \\$aThis book is a test$cby Seth Mayo$h[Text]
=250  \\$aEdition$bAdditionalEdition
=260  \\$aPublisher Place$bPublisher$c2009
=300  \\$aPhysicalDesc
=440  \\$aSeries$vPart$92
=500  \\$aNotes
=600  \\$aSubject 1$93
=600  \\$aSubject 2$94
=658  \\$aC.A.P.A.$95
=700  \\$aAuthor, 2$96
=942  \\$2ddc$cBOOK
=999  \\$c7$d7
=952  \\$pR432252560$40$eSupplier1$00$6F_AUT$93$bSPAPS$10$oF

2.  How did you tackle the importing of different types of resources?
For example I've been working on the assumption that all resources are
of type 'Book' or 'Text' when in actual fact the library has cameras,
CDs, DVDs, audio resources, video resources, etc.  Did you manually go
through and change all these records or did you export them in stages
and import them in stages accordingly or did you take a different
approach all together?

Thanks for your continued help in this transition and for patiently
helping me with my questions.  The goal at this point is to learn as
much as I can about how everything needs to be transitioned, how to
customise the Koha system and how to use it.  By learning these now we
hope to be able to provide training throughout the second half of this
school year so when we do our 'production' transition in the summer
everyone will be ready to run with the system for the next year.

Seth Mayo
IT Technical Manager
Email:  smayo at stpeters.nsw.edu.au
St Peter's Anglican Primary School
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PH: 02 4627 2990
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2009/6/18 Emrys Minnig <emrysminnig at varndean.co.uk>:
> Sorry... I responded to your second email before I read your first one.
> I moved the system over to Koha during the summertime, when all of our books should have been (in theory) returned.  In reality, though, I ran a separate Alice overdue list and manually set lost statuses and put notes on students' records.  This method was only practical due to the small size of our library (and because I'm the librarian).  I'm not immediately aware of a way to automate the process, though I suppose it could be done by writing some kind of script to manipulate Koha's 'issues' table.  (Koha stores issue information in a separate table from item information.)
> Copy information came through fine after using MarcEdit, though I had purged lost and long overdue items from Alice before exporting the MARC data in order to avoid complicating things.
> As for student/staff data, I didn't bother to move it from Alice at all, as entries were fairly inconsistent anyway.  Instead, I compiled a CSV file from an export directly from the school's central database, using the guidelines from Koha's 'Import Patron Tool' page.
> Good luck!
> Emrys
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> From: Seth Mayo [mailto:smayo at stpeters.nsw.edu.au]
> Sent: Thu 18/06/2009 02:08
> To: Emrys Minnig
> Subject: Re: [Koha] Migrate Alice for Windows
> What process did you follow to migrate?  In other words, what did you
> migrate, when and how?
> My biggest concern was the compatibility and obviously that is
> possible as you have done it.  I tried again yesterday to import and
> managed to get resources into the system in much the way you
> described.  However, the fields didn't match.  What you mentioned
> about MarcEdit should fix that and I'll work on that now.  Next the
> thing to work out are the following:
> Did your copies information import correctly?
> How did you transfer the loan information (eg. the status of
> particular books having been loaned out currently)?
> Thanks for your help.  I'm sure I'll have more questions for you but
> I'll try not to take up too much of your time.
> Seth Mayo
> IT Technical Manager
> Email:  smayo at stpeters.nsw.edu.au
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> 2009/6/17 Emrys Minnig <emrysminnig at varndean.co.uk>:
>> I successfully migrated from Alice to Koha 3.  I used Alice's 'Export to USMARC' utility to dump all the records into a .dat file.
>> Next, using MarcEdit (free from oregonstate.edu/~reeset/marcedit/html/), I moved item information from Alice's 999 subfields to Koha's 952 subfields (if I remember right).
>> Then, I used Koha's 'Stage MARC records' utility to populate the catalogue.
>> If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.
>> Emrys Minnig
>> Varndean School
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>> From: koha-bounces at lists.katipo.co.nz on behalf of Seth Mayo
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>> Subject: [Koha] Migrate Alice for Windows
>> Has anyone migrated Alice for Windows to Koha?
>> Alice for Windows hasn't been working right in our school for while
>> and I'm looking to change to Koha.  However I haven't been able to get
>> the exported MARC file to import.  Unfortunately I don't know much
>> about MARC but basically what I've done is the following.
>> 1.  Used the Alice for Windows 'Export to MARC' function to dump a
>> MARC 21 .dat file
>> 2.  Set up the environment variables for bulkmarcimport.pl
>> 3.  Run bulkmarcimport.pl to import the data which returned that 21000
>> odd items were imported
>> 4.  Found there were no more items in the database than before.
>> 5.  Tried uploading it to import through the 'reservior' method and it
>> gave me a report that there were the same number of records but that
>> there were MARC errors on each one.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Seth Mayo
>> IT Technical Manager
>> Email:  smayo at stpeters.nsw.edu.au
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