[Koha] Senayan Library Management System: Sorry for the wrongsubmission

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Climate wise I'd rather not drive people off that might be involved in more than one OS project; they're important bridges. "More is different" if we want things to emerge. 

>I agree that cooperation with other F/OSS library software projects, 
>including ILSs, is a good thing, but I don't think we should be driven 
>by a fear of reinventing wheels. Different projects have different 

*nod* The pickle of innovation is that it almost has to happen quickly and spontaneously. It's driven by need, so I don't think we should balk for fear of reinventing wheels. However, I do think we should consciously cherry pick good code from other OS projects if it's possible to do so. I know I've wanted to see the deduplication for authorities that I saw at a demonstration about eXtensible Catalogue somehow work its way into Koha. 

Planning again: should we have a liaison or liaisons to other OS projects to make us aware of good developments in other people's backyards? 

>>>I really think that "Koha" should be keeping an eye
>>>on projects like DSpace and Fedora-Commons, which
>>>themselves have found enough commonality that they
>>>are merging. Digital archival apps are really a close
>>>cousin to ILSies, and DSpace (FLOSS of course) is
>>>used by a lot of big name institutions world-wide, and
>>>some degree of "compatability" between the DSpace and Koha
>>>might promote the spread of Koha.
>>>http://dspace.org   http://www.fedora-commons.org/
>>>de Greg 


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