[Koha] Koha OPAC not populated?

Amy Schuler schulera at caryinstitute.org
Wed Jun 17 06:12:28 NZST 2009

First, I would like to offer a belated thanks to Ian, Nora, and Brooke for helping me out with my 952 $o problem a few weeks ago.  With their help, I found a regular expression that moved the LC call numbers to $o.

Now I have run into a new challenge.  I *think* I have gotten my 952 holdings statement correct, and have staged & successfully imported my MARC records into Koha.  In the staff client I can see the bib records as well as the holdings information (call number - status - last seen - barcode).  However, on the OPAC side, there is nothing.  I search for known titles and authors, but there is nothing in the OPAC.  I am not sure if there is still some problem with the items/holdings information in my 952s, or if there is a problem with my system settings.  I tried adding a 952$a (location) to the records but this seemed to mess things up even more (couldn't see any holdings info on staff client side when I did this).  So I don't have a location or "item type" in my holdings statement, and if these are needed, I cannot seem to get them in the right way.

Also, don't know if this is related, but I still see "No_Library_Set" in the upper right hand corner of my staff client (even though I am logged in).

I have pasted one of my MARC records, below.  I welcome any advice you can offer to help me get my OPAC populated.  Thanks!

=LDR  00667nam  2200205 a 4500
=001  \\\83194569\
=008  840920s1983\\\\enka\\\\\b\\\\00110\eng\\
=020  \\$a0713128658 (pbk.)
=039  0\$a2$b3$c3$d3$e3
=050  \\$aQH541.5.M3$bE84 1983
=082  0\$a574.5/26325$219
=100  10$aEtherington, John R.
=245  10$aWetland ecology /$cJohn R. Etherington.
=260  0\$aLondon :$bE. Arnold,$c1983.
=300  \\$a66 p. :$bill. ;$c22 cm.
=440  \4$aThe Institute of Biology's studies in biology,$x0537-9024 ;$vno. 154
=504  \\$aBibliography: p. [64]-66.
=500  \\$aIncludes index.
=650  \0$aWetland ecology.
=952  \\$p10039$kIES$oQH 541.5 .M3 E84 1983$d20030108

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