[Koha] Senayan Library Management System: Sorry for the wrong submission

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Hello Vimal,
I don't see why just an announcement about another open source ILS is unfair on the list. 
My view has always been that open source projects must be aware and try to make the best of other competing or non-competing products that try to fulfill similar needs.
It was refreshing to learn about Senayan. Some days, i have to pinch myself and know that there are alternatives to Koha.

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Dear Friends,

Sorry for the message titled “Senayan Library Management
System” appeared in this discussion forum from me. I intended to circulate the
message in another forum for library professionals. It accidentally sent to
Koha user’s forum due to wrong key press.  I know that it’s not fair to announce about
another open source ILS in this forum. Sorry again. 

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