[Koha] Importing and updating bibliographic records

Sébastien Hinderer Sebastien.Hinderer at snv.jussieu.fr
Fri Jun 12 20:59:13 NZST 2009

Hi Frederic,

Thanks a lot for your prompt and precise reply.

> USMARC ($record->as_usmarc) produces valid UNIMARC records.

Ah this is good news, thanks !

> This way you 
> can populate an ISO2709 MARC file that can be uploaded into Koha with 
> bullkmarcimport.pl script.

> > 2. After the initial import has been done, we will certainly want to 
> > refine it by using data from our national library, sch as leaders for 
> > instance (?), or perhaps or initial import won't be complete and we 
> > will want to add other things we did not at first to keep the first 
> > import possible. So, is the incremental modification of records 
> > possible and how ? Wil we have to export the records to marc, then 
> > modify them and re-inject them, or is it recommended to do things 
> > another way ?
> It can work this way. You can also use Koha API to modify biblio records 
> directly. Take a look at Biblio.pm Koha module. You will read all biblio 
> records. For each biblio record, you will query your (our) national 
> library. You will merge both records and write the result into your
> Koha DB.

Okay I see, thanks a lot for he pointer.
In fact, could thissz biblio.pm module also be used for the initial
immort, rather than using MARC directly ? According to you, how do
these solutions compare ?

And also, are there functionalities in Koha's web interface that could
be used to enrich an existing bibliographic record (or set of existing
bibliographic records) with data fetched, say, from a Z39.50 server ?

Thanks again for helping,


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