[Koha] cards and labels for patrons and books

Suchetha Wijenayake suchetha at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 17:31:18 NZST 2009

Hello all,

it's been an interesting few weeks implementing the Koha system for
the libraries here. its now testing-live at
feel free to poke round and let me know what you think. there are a
whole whopping 20 books entered so far.

right now i am in the process of making patron cards and book cards

since i am an IT guy and not a library guy, i would like to ask your
opinion on what i should use as the barcode number for the books.
currently i am thinking of just using the catalog number since that is
what they currently use.

but the current use of the library is in the "write patron's name in a
big book and mark when returns it"
i am looking at setting up something more robust and usable and scalable

i would also like to know how to modify the patron card layout so it
showshome library, patron name, membership type, number and then the

i have tried modifying the layouts, but they all seem to do the same thing

i am on koha3.0.1

does anyone have any ideas/pointers for me?


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