[Koha] Record matching rule for Koha biblio 999c?

Nelson Fredsell -CCE nelson at cfce.org.za
Tue Jun 9 16:07:25 NZST 2009

On batch edits of records and items, I'm using Koha Tools and MarcEdit.  On
record matching rules for re-import, we cannot make use of ISBN or ISSN as
neither have been used in legacy catalogue.  We've been advised to use Koha
biblio number as the unique identifier.


Might anyone be able to share settings for a record matching rule on the
Koha biblio number, 999c?  I looked in the manual, but it didn't seem to
provide enough info for me to actually set up this rule.

ion/record-matching-rules )


For testing, I'm exporting a single biblio *.mrc, making edits w/ MarcEdit
*.mrk, re-compiling to *.mrc, then staging w/ Koha Tools.  Koha then gives
me a no_match on the record, so I suspect that I've used incorrect settings.


Using the ISBN rule as an example, I set up the following:


Matching rule code:        KBiblio

Desc:                                     999$c

Match threshold:             1000


Match points -

Search index:                     KBiblio (Do I need an actual Koha index,
or just make something up?)

Score:                                   1000

Tag:                                        999

Subfields:                            c

Offset:                                  0

Length:                                 0

Normalization rule:         KBiblio (Do I need an actual Koha rule, or just
make something up?)


If I need actual Koha search index and/or normalization rule, pls cite URL
in manual.


Match checks - N/A


Thanks for any feedback,



Implementing a union catalogue

in Cape Town, South Africa



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