[Koha] Follett -> KOHA --- 050 field issues

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Tue Jun 9 05:01:35 NZST 2009


Check http://contribs.koha.org/ for a follett to koha conversion

If you didn't use MarcEdit to break out the record you posted, you need
to get that for the script to work.  

Koha will support multiple 952 records - they are your item records and
are repeatable.



>>> OLGS <vocations at fsspolgs.org> 6/5/2009 8:46:27 AM >>>

Hello Everybody,

We have decided to change from Follett (2001v) to KOHA.  We exported
MARC records from KOHA but there are some things we don't understand. 
records all contain the LC number in the Follett 852 field and there
are no
050 or 090 LC fields.  

If we replace the 852 to 952 fields, as noted in the KOHA
what do we do about the missing 050 fields?  Follett seems to grab the
numbers from the 852 field.  What will KOHA do?  Do we have create 050
fields for each record now?

By-the-way, I am helping with this migration and just graduated with my
So I don't know anything about how they used this system before me and
librarian isn't that technical.  I am stuck in the middle of this
process trying to determine why 050s were not used and so I don't know
this is a Follett problem, some configuration issue when they set up
initially, or something currently being done when they enter records.

Here is a sample of a MARC record:

=LDR  04790nam  2200793u  4500
=001  B8908AAD60E711D69FD000C0F0520B92
=005  20020506115427.0
=008  020506n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\eng\d 
=020  \\$a10749
=100  1\$aCopleston, Frederick
=245  00$aHistory of Philosophy
=260  00$aGarden City, New York$bImage Books$c1962
=300  \\$a9 v. in 17
=500  \\$aImage book ed. 1962 with special arrangement with Newman
=505  0\$av.1. Greece and Rome.--v.2. Medieval philosophy, Augustine
Scotus.--v.3. Ockham to Suarez.--v.4. Decartes to Leibnitz.--v.5.
Hobbes to
Hume.--v.6. Wolff to Kant.--v.7. Fitche to Nietzsche. --v.8. Bentham
Russell.--v.9. Maine de Biran to Sartre.
=650  \\$aphilosophy$xhistory
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt1
c.2$pT0010749$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt1
c.2$pT0010806$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt2
c.2$pT0010807$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.3 pt1
c.2$pT0010808$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.3 pt2
c.2$pT0010809$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.4 c.2
Set$pT0010810$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.5 pt1
c.2$pT0010811$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.5 pt2
c.2$pT0010812$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.6 pt1
c.2$pT0010813$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.6 pt2
c.2$pT0010814$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.7 pt1
c.2$pT0010815$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.7 pt2
c.2$pT0010816$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.8 pt1
c.2$pT0010817$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.8 pt2
c.2$pT0010818$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.9 pt1
c.2$pT0010819$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.9 pt2
c.2$pT0010820$xFSC at aR@c20020506$807/24/1995
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt1
c.3$pT0011251$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt1$pT0011252$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt1
c.3$pT0011253$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt2
c.3$pT0011254$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt1
c.3$pT0011255$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt2$pT0011256$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt2$pT0011257$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt2
c.3$pT0011258$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.5 pt2
c.3$pT0011259$xFSC at aR@c20020506$819950724
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.3 pt1
c.3$pT0020735$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.3 pt2 c.3$pT0020736$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.4 c.3$pT0020737$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.5 pt1 c.3$pT0020738$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.6 pt1 c.3$pT0020739$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.6 pt2 c.3$pT0020740$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.7 pt1 c.3$pT0020741$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.7 pt2 c.3$pT0020742$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.8 pt1 c.3$pT0020743$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.8 pt2 c.3$pT0020744$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.9 pt1 c.3$pT0020745$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.9 pt2 c.3$pT0020746$xFSC at aR@c20020506
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt1
c.4$pT0020747$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.1 pt2
c.4$pT0020748$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt1
c.4$pT0020749$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt2
c.4$pT0020750$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.3 pt1
c.4$pT0020751$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.3 pt1
c.4$pT0020752$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.4 c.4$pT0020753$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.5 pt1
c.4$pT0020754$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.5 pt2
c.4$pT0020755$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.6 pt1
c.4$pT0020756$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.6 pt2
c.4$pT0020757$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.7 pt1
c.4$pT0020758$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.7 pt2
c.4$pT0020759$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.9 pt1
c.4$pT0020760$xFSC at aR@c20020506$820001211
=852  \\$hB72 .C62 1962 v.2 pt1 c.5$pT0037852$xFSC at aR@c20060915
=952  \\$iSet2 

As you can see, the record has multiple 852 fields.  One of the other
that I can see happening is that for us to export the data into KOHA,
documentation says we need to convert 852 fields to 952s.  There only
appears to be one 952 field allowed, from what I can see, and so how
KOHA deal with all the 852 fields?  It will try to merge them into one?

Bomb out completely?  Not sure what is going on what that too.

Any help anyone can provide would be great.  We are spinning our tires
this one trying to figure out how to move forward.

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