[Koha] Follett -> KOHA --- 050 field issues

Zeno Tajoli tajoli at cilea.it
Tue Jun 9 00:56:03 NZST 2009

At 16.46 05/06/2009, OLGS wrote:

>Hello Everybody,
>We have decided to change from Follett (2001v) to KOHA.  We exported our
>MARC records from KOHA but there are some things we don't understand.  The
>records all contain the LC number in the Follett 852 field and there are no
>050 or 090 LC fields.
>If we replace the 852 to 952 fields, as noted in the KOHA documentation,
>what do we do about the missing 050 fields?  Follett seems to grab the call
>numbers from the 852 field.  What will KOHA do?
Koha, on MARC21 setup, doesn't use 050 in fact.
Follet use 852 to manipolate administrative data.
You need to insert data in 852 into 952

In Koha, MARC21 setup, 952 is the repetable field for copy inforation.


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