[Koha] Incomplete imports

Justin Aquadro jaquadro at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 15:40:16 NZST 2009

Chris Cormack wrote:
> 2009/6/7 Justin Aquadro <jaquadro at gmail.com>:
>> Greetings all,
>> We are looking into using Koha in our school system to replace the aging
>> Winnebago Spectrum.  I've installed 3.0.1 on a test server to play
>> with.  I've become hung up on the imports however.  Taking an export of
>> ~15000 records from Spectrum, I swapped the 852 fields to 952 in
>> MarcEdit according to the wiki instructions, and staged the import
>> without problem.  However when I started importing the staged records,
>> it made it through 160 records and just stopped, no error messages or
>> any kind of feedback from the import page.  Now I have a partially
>> complete import that I can't resume or roll back.  The same thing
>> happened when I tried breaking the import into batches of 1000, the
>> script just stopped processing after an arbitrary number of records.
>> Can anyone offer some insight into what's causing these frozen,
>> incomplete imports?  Since there's no errors, I'm at a loss.  Also, how
>> can I cleanly remove these frozen batches from the staging area?
> Hi Justin
> This sounds a lot like bug 2926
> http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2926
> Which as it happens the awesome Galen Charlton (our fearless release
> manager) has just fixed.
> http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=da51de184c1179fd725f0e341c9186b7f5cd585e
> Chris
Thanks for the suggestion Chris (and sorry for the rogue reply earlier), 
but it appears to not have helped. The problem was not with staging, but 
with importing the already staged records. It does sound like the same 
kind of problem though. It hung on the same record, #160 of my batch.

I've isolated the exact record causing the problem, which hung the 
import in a batch all by itself:

=LDR 00691nam a2200229 a 4500
=001 \\\59009955\//r84
=003 DLC
=005 20050719144244.0
=008 050719s1959\\\\nyu\\\\\\b\\\\000\0\eng\\
=010 \\$a 59009955 //r84
=040 \\$aDLC$cDLC
=050 00$aB4372.E5$bB7 1959
=082 0\$a198.9
=100 1\$aKierkegaard, Sr̜en,$d1813-1855.
=240 10$aSelections.$lEnglish
=245 12$aA Kierkegaard anthology.$cEdited by Robert Bretall.
=260 \\$aNew York,$bModern Library$c[1959]
=300 \\$axxv, 494 p.$c19 cm.
=490 0\$aThe Modern library of the world's best books$v[no. 303]
=504 \\$aBibliography: p. [483]-488.
=952 \\$o198 KIE $a $c $p10197$bNHS
=961 wl$t7

I didn't even notice until sending this reply, but there is a tiny 
unicode character buried in the author. I've checked the marc record in 
a hex editor and the unicode encoding looks correct, and the leader 
looks correct, but only by removing that character did it import. Not 
sure what's up, but it's a start.


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