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Nicole Engard nicole.engard at liblime.com
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I agree with your complaint, but the easier way to do an inventory is
to put a laptop on a bookcart and attach a barcode scanner.  Then scan
every book you see into a text file and import it into the inventory
tool - that way you don't need the shelf list until you're done with
the inventory to review what's still missing.


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2009/6/4 Joe Atzberger <ohiocore at gmail.com>:
>> I was wondering if there are any plans to fix this, since it seems more
>> like a bug-fix than an enhancement.
> Is there an open bug in bugs.koha.org?  If so, then we expect to address it,
> and you may add your "vote" to to the ticket.  If not, please feel free to
> go ahead and post a new bug there.
> The bugs database really is the best way to communicate and query for
> outstanding bugs and enhancements like this one.
> --
> Joe Atzberger
> LibLime - Open Source Library Solutions
> 2009/6/4 Kohn, Karen <kohnk at arcadia.edu>
>> Hello,
>> My library is planning an inventory in about a month, and I was glad to
>> see that Koha has an easy-to-use inventory tool.  However, when I tried to
>> generate a shelflist, the call numbers are not in order.  They are ordered
>> the way a computer would do it but not the way LC works.  (i.e., The call
>> numbers were BF1028, BF1029, BF103.  The computer put them in this order by
>> looking at the B, then the F, then the 1, etc.  LC would order them BF103,
>> BF1028, BF1029, looking at the numbers as one hundred three and one thousand
>> twenty-eight.)
>> Obviously, we can’t use the inventory tool if the numbers are ordered this
>> way.  I was wondering if there are any plans to fix this, since it seems
>> more like a bug-fix than an enhancement.
>> Thanks.
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