[Koha] Deleting imported data between MARC imports

Christopher Curry ccurry at amphilsoc.org
Thu Jun 4 04:38:31 NZST 2009

I'm using MarcEdit to edit my MARC data prior to import into Koha in 
order to get items to import correctly.  Unfortunately, I tried 
importing all 221,000 bibs (231,000 items) into my test server.

After indexing 150,000 records, zebra quit due to lack of disc space.  
I'm using a very old server with only 16 GB of space.  When I try to 
revert the import, the process never completes.  Is there a command line 
process for cleaning up imported data in Koha 3.0.1?  It's on Debian 
Etch.  I noticed the -d option in bulkmarkimport.pl, but I've been using 
the web-based import and would like to continue to do so.  I tried 
running this script with only the -d option, which, as expected, did 

Any ideas?  I'd like to avoid a reinstall if possible and would be 
grateful for any assistance.



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