[Koha] Overdue fines calcutions stopped working

Joe Atzberger ohiocore at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 05:35:49 NZST 2009

> I am using Koha-3.. There was a time the system was calculating overdue
> fines then all over a certain it is not calculating them.
> Can something tell me what might have happenned and how can i solved it .

Fines are calculated by a scheduled job in your crontab.  Check your crontab
to make sure the job is still scheduled for the correct times.  Then check
your system email or system logs for the output of the crontab jobs.  There
may be errors in the output, or the job may have stopped being run at all.

It is possible that your crontab was edited to include bad syntax, such that
no jobs are running anymore.  So if you also are not seeing overdue notices,
then that is probably what happened.

Joe Atzberger
LibLime - Open Source Library Solutions
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