[Koha] Next project IRC meeting - 5 August 2009

Galen Charlton galen.charlton at liblime.com
Thu Jul 23 06:59:15 NZST 2009


The next general IRC meeting of the Koha project will take place on 5
August 2009 at 10:00 UTC+0.

The agenda currently includes the following items:

1. Update on Roadmap to 3.2
2. Update on Koha 3.0 Roadmap
3. Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting 1 July 2009
4. Management of KohaSocialNetworks

To propose additional agenda items, please go to the wiki page for
this meeting located at

As a reminder, the IRC meetings taken place on the #koha channel on
the IRC server irc.katipo.co.nz.


Galen Charlton
VP, Research & Development, LibLime
galen.charlton at liblime.com
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