[Koha] What if mysql stops being around?

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Linux for you magazine published an article about the merger of Oracle and Sun, which included a candid discussion by Monty Widenius (the creator of MySQL) about what might happen to MySQL.

Of the scenarios that he considered (including a few bleak ones) Monty thinks that since there are already branches off the main release, these will continue to keep MySQL viable.


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Indranil Das Gupta a écrit :
> Hi all,
> These last couple of hours, i've been trying to access different
> *.mysql.com sites (for my non-Koha work). None of them responding to a
> http request. I'm not being a fear-monger or crystal gazer here, but
> I'm dependent on MySQL for several apps that i commercially support,
> which includes Koha.
> I wonder just how ready or MySQL dependent are we (Koha users) as a
> community, just in case, Oracle decides to stop further work on MySQL?
> I'm aware of efforts like Drizzle. But how are we positioned w.r.t
> MySQL deps and what could hypothetically could be a possible life
> after MySQL (if it ever comes to that)
yes, of course, there is a possible life after mySQL, and it's called 
PostgreSQL. Someone worked on porting koha here some months ago, with 
some success. Although it's not heavily tested, if we had to switch 
here, that should not be a deadly thing.
But i don't think that it will be necessary. And I'm sure mysql.com will 
be up again tomorrow morning and we will learn that the DNS or Apache or 
whatever-you-want had a major problem today

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