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2009/7/17 Sivasankari Muthuraja <sivasankari.muthuraja at gmail.com>

> Thanks for all your reply mails. I have not installed zebra out of time
> limit constraint, i added the marc records.(thanks to Mr.krishnan)
> with different book formats, which asks for limited entries. Many thanks to
> vimal , resolved my doubts.
> I had launched the app, woking on it. Mails are not sent on
> checkout,checkin,hold filed.
> 1.I have created the patron. and login as opac user UI , now selected
> Mymessaging menu
> and checked  Email checkbox against ItemDue,ItemCheckout, HoldFilled,Item
> Checkin,Advance notice.
> When I login in the staff client UI, and check out /checkin a specific book
> for the patron i have created
> and enabled the email checkbox. Mail is not delivered. won't it be
> triggered at once .

No, mail should be *queued* at once.  It is sent when the
process_message_queue.pl job is run.  Schedule this and the other necessary
jobs to run in your crontab.

The reason for this is obvious when you imagine something like the
overdue_notices in a larger library, possibly sending out thousands of mail

Joe Atzberger
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