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Hi Sivasankari,

1.How to make the zebra server run.

Ans: ./zebrasrv-2.0-f / etc / koha / koha-conf.xml run this on the terminal
let me know what it says

2.In opac, can i add the comments about the books.will it be viewable by all
persons in opac acces

Ans:you can either go to Tools News where you can write comments of
upcomming books or latest releases.if you want to add description of each
book then either you can make an entry in the MARC record or when u create
items for each record.

3.What is the use of creation of lists,public lists or private lists.  - is
it meant to view the group specific items alone.

Ans: List means basically to catagorize books into different areas like
Acience ,fiction,Research.public list is viewable by all wheras private list
are viewable only to the user who created it

4.for opac users - its displayed as renew/ return. - once select an item
against the book and click the return, the status displayed as not
renewable. how much renewal is allowed.

Ans: The user basically requires permission to renew any book.this can be
set by the administrator by going into the users page and there is an option
calle more and set permissions where you can set the flags and save
them.then try renewing the book from the  OPAC.the number of items that can
be checke out can be defined and the number of renewals for a particular
item can also be defined .its in the koha administration link.the first one
in 'circulation fines and rules' and the secod one in 'Item types and
circulation codes'
5.but the staff client side - it's displayed as checkin/checkout

Ans: Both the sides have different library terminologies Check out means
Issue and Check in mens return

6.If an opac users - hold the items (is there any maximum hold limite). it
its on hold. staff client can checkout the items with priority.. if the hold
option - next available/ or the exact same boook with bibilionumber - what
is the difference between those to.is it a deciding criteria for priority
allocation -or depending on the patron types, priority allocated

Ans: Frankly speaking you have confused yourself a lot.Iam not sure if there
is a limit on the maximun number of books that he/she can hold or the time
period after which it expires.i have not seen it koha.once a user placea a
hold on a particular  book for the first time his hold priority is 1 and
consequitive users will have priorities 2,3,4 and so on.the book will be
issued by the library admin based on this priority.the administrator does
have permission to change the priorities or to cancel a particular hold.In
koha the user can only place hold on a particular book and has to go to the
library to pick up the book.and the book i issued only by the administrator.

7.is there any demo for adding a marc format records. Hope its very
essential. Can't i any record with out this marc format.how will the marc
format being maintained for the same item - but n copies. eg." Head first
java" is the book but it has different editions. same edition has 2 copies.
how will it be accessed in marc format.

Ans: There is no demo that is avilable  for adding a marc record .but what u
can do is get sample marc record using the z39.50 search which is there on
the top of the Add MARC record screen and import the same into the same on
to the frame work that you have selected.see how it gets populated but there
are almost 300+ fields and subfields for each record .its not necessary that
you have to fill all.there are some mandatory fiels whic has to be filled
like author name ,physical extent of the book,publisher name (it differs for
each frame work).you can customize the frame work to have only few tags
.there is no way that you can enter a record without  MARC format and your
last question will take you rexample itself  .ther is a book name " Head
first java" and has three copies.there will be only one MARC record for this
book and you can add three 'items' to the record using ADD item and each
item can be differentiated with a barcode.

                 Hope i have tried to explain some of your doubts.there is
lot much you need to learn and especially when you are a techie you need to
learn lot of library terminologies.my best suggestion would be to visit any
library nearby just understand how the system works and also learn some
terminologies from the librarians.initially i too found it hard but the
community and koha itself has made it easier.for any clarifications you can
visit the koha demo site hosted by liblime and also there is an online user
manual available in the koha site for your reference.

               Have a nice day ahead.

Vimal Laxman P
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