[Koha] Koha mailing list welcome message draft

Sébastien Hinderer Sebastien.Hinderer at snv.jussieu.fr
Tue Jul 7 07:03:08 NZST 2009

Hi Galen, Nicole & all,

Five remarks: 

1. Thanks for the nice job, Nicole !

2. I'd keep the text as abbreviation-free as possible (ILS, FOSS...).

3. I'd rather have the pointers at the top and the remarks about
netiquette at the bottom, but IMO the way it is now has also its
wisdom because it is likely that people will read the complete
message, whereas is the pointers come first they may follow them and
stop reading.

4. Regarding the netiquette, you may want to cite RFC 1855.

5. Thanks for the nice job, Nicole !


PS: replying rather than editing because I'm not that sure...

Galen Charlton (2009/07/06 14:31 -0400):
> Hi,
> Nicole Engard has completed a draft of a welcome message to be sent to
> new subscribers of this mailing list.  The draft can be found on the
> wiki at
> http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=koha_list_welcome
> Please comment on the text of the message by responding to this
> message or by editing the wiki page.  After allowing a few days for
> feedback, I'll ask the mailing list admin to set up the final version
> as the welcome message.
> Regards,
> Galen

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