[Koha] KohaCon 2009 - Presentation Summaries

Nicole Engard nicole.engard at liblime.com
Sun Feb 22 12:38:28 NZDT 2009

If you are interested in speaking at KohaCon 2009, please fill it this
form, https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cFJWZm83SlZudDQ3MWR3RU5zdDBIYkE6MA

You can also use this form to submit ideas for topics you'd like
others to speak on.

Please enter your presentation idea in as much detail as possible
before March 6th.  If you are just submitting an idea for someone else
to present, make that clear or else we will assume that you want to
present the topic.


Nicole C. Engard
Open Source Evangelist, LibLime
(888) Koha ILS (564-2457) ext. 714
nce at liblime.com
AIM/Y!/Skype: nengard


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