[Koha] catalogin, dewey, and marc-to-koha mapping

Darla Grediagin dgrediagin at bssd.org
Sun Feb 15 05:35:15 NZDT 2009

This is what I am working on today so I thought I would chime in with a 

I am looking for the itemnum.

This is the error I get with the marc Check
    * The field itemnum MUST be mapped
    * The correspounding subfield MUST be in with -1 (ignore) tab

I have spend an hour looking for itemnum.  Is this the same as the barcode?

Thanks in advance,


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Jeffrey LePage wrote:
> We have a small library using dewey.  I'm trying to figure out how to get dewey decimal numbers into Koha without error.
> ----------------------------
> When we do a z39.50 search we often don't get the dewey decimal number.  According to http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bdsummary.html there are the following dewey related MARC fields:
> 082  	Dewey Decimal Classification Number
> 083 	Additional Dewey Decimal Classification Number
> 090 - Shelf Location (AM) [OBSOLETE, 1977] [USMARC only]
> 090 - Local Call Number [OBSOLETE, 1982]
> 091 - Microfilm Shelf Location (AM) [OBSOLETE, 1977] [USMARC only]
> 852  	Location
> I have also found fields like this at some libraries:
> 092    _a428.2  (tag 92, subfield a = dewey decimal number)
>        _bOCO    (tag 92, subfiedl b = dewey decimal number)
> Koha has this mapping by default:
> tag 952, subfield o = items.itemcallnumber (full call number)
> BACKGROUND: our initial import
> ---------------------------------------------
> Originally we imported records from Athena.  Athena uses tag 952, subfields k,h,i,m (k=Call number prefix, h=Classification part, i=Item part,m=Call number suffix).  We mapped (Koha tag 952, subfield o) to (Athena tag 852, concatenation of subfields k,h,i,m).  We used this script:http://contribs.koha.org/revision_view.php?rid=15.  (Note: I created this script and uploaed it to contribs.koha.org.  If the script doesn't map the fields correctly I need to fix it before my mistakes cause problems for others.)
> Question: How do I do the mapping?
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Now it looks like I need to 
> 1) map some dewey related MARC tag/subfield (which one?) to a items.itemcallnumber
> 2) make that newly mapped MARC tag/subfield mandatory
> When I do this, what happens to my previous records which had the default MARC mapping ([tag 952, subfield o]= items.itemcallnumber) ?

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