[Koha] HOW-TO install Koha 3 on Fedora 9 (khh)

Krishnan M kmlist at yahoo.in
Fri Feb 13 07:21:57 NZDT 2009

If you've been to http://krishnanm.com/khh, you know we are sending out DVDs with installables for Fedora 9, Koha 3, resources, video tutorials, and so on.

We're also making most of the material available on the Internet.
Coming up first is a HOW-TO install Koha 3 on Fedora 9

The instructions and resource files are at:

You probably want to see the .pdf and .txt versions of the HOW-TO first. We think this is comprehensive, but you be the judge. Enjoy, and please send your feedback using the contact form.

Its taking us some time to edit and upload the videos in lengths that YouTube will accept.
But, of course, you can just request the set of DVDs with everything on it, at khh

krishnan mani

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