[Koha] Koha-3.0.1 Beta release

LAURENT Henri-Damien laurenthdl at alinto.com
Fri Feb 6 00:19:28 NZDT 2009

we are very happy to announce Koha3.0.1 Beta has been released on
Its name is koha- You can download file and signatures

You can check the integrity of the package; either by verifying the provided
GPG signature (.sig) or by comparing the MD5 checksum:
f1a4b57bc9fddf3c7f020b861dd1a61e koha-

I will also tag this in Git as "version 3.00.01-beta" v3.00.01.005

You can dowload and test for one week, then it will become official release.
If you encounter bugs during that period, please feel free to file a bug 
on :
The bug will be adressed as quickly as possible.

An extract of release notes is pasted below

Henri-Damien LAURENT
Release Maintainer

Koha 3.0.1 Beta Release :

This release of Koha 3.0.1 includes the following general improvements over
the previous release:

  * General Bugfixing
    Authorities :
      Authorities structure edition
      Authorities edition with diacritics
      merging authorities
      Adding failover when null string searched
    Cataloguing :
      When editing an item, clearing a field.
    OPAC :
      tags Management improved
      shelves browsing improved
      improved COInS Support
      Improved RSS support
      Boolean search on Advanced Search page (more options) Added
      Deletion of private list fix
    General Output :
      Improving concistency of strings
      markup corrections
      Adding some untranslated strings to translation files.
      More consistency in dates display
      Adds the creation date of biblios to frameworks in order to 
improve Rss support
        You have to launch the script 
      995$2 as lost items management.
        If you had a previous installation of Koha without 995$2 linked 
to items.lost then
        you have to launch the script 
        and rebuild indexes with rebuild_zebra.pl (see wiki.koha.org or 
rebuild_zebra.pl -h for documentation)
    Fines fixes
    Some sorting problems on patron names and libraries fixed
    js and update of strings for better coherence
    CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml is now required and not only CGI::Session
    Adding better display of links on conformance with MARC standards
    Fixing POD for correctness
    Preparing for debian packaging
    Adding more SIP2 functions
    Adding some information on reports
    UTF8 support improved
    Failover improved
    Many performance improvements under the hood
  * Adding a Subject cloud
  * better UNIMARC version 5 compliance
  * Improving diacritics management in zebra
  * Additional translations
  * Improving Quality Assurance with test suite
  * Adding a Renew All button to OPAC
  * options added to overdue_notices script

Subsequent releases will be bugfix releases, and won't include new
features which would require some databas changes.

Koha 3.0.x Release Schedule : we plan to issue bugfix only releases on a 
2 month base from now on.
So Next releases should be beginning of April, June, August, October, 

Note that Windows is not supported for this version as there are blockers.

Note that this version is still supporting only MySQL.
Support for PostgreSQL is still very experimental.

New features which have deep impact on code will be available in Koha 3.2
and subsequent releases.


Koha 3.0 (this release) currently has complete translations for the 

OPAC: de-DE (German), el-GR (Greek), es-ES (Spanish), en (English), 
fr-FR (French)
   hu-HU (Hungarian), it-IT (Italian), pt-PT (Portuguese), tr-TR (Turkish),
   ru-RU (Russian), uk-UA (Ukranian)
   zh-Hans-CN (Simplified Chinese in China), zh-Hans-TW (Simplified 
Chinese in Taiwan)

Staff Client fr-FR (French), en (English), hy-Armn (Armenian),
   ru-RU (Russian), uk-UA (Ukranian)
   zh-Hans-CN (Simplified Chinese in China), zh-Hans-TW (Simplified 
Chinese in Taiwan)

Additionally, Koha 3 (this release) has partial translations for the 

OPAC: am-Ethi (Amharic), bg-Cyrl (Bulgarian), fa-Arab (Persian), fi-FI 
   gl (Galego), he-Hebr (Hebrew), id-ID (Indonesian), ja-Japn (Japanese),
   kn-Knda (kannada), ko-Kore (Korean), mi-NZ (Maori), pl-PL (Polish),
   tet (Tetum)

Staff Client: de-DE (German), el-EL (Greek), es-ES (Spanish), hu-HU 
   ja-Japn (Japanese), tr-TR (Turkish),

The Koha Team welcomes additional translations; please see
http://www.kohadocs.org/usersguide/apb.html for information about
translating Koha, and join the koha-translate list to volunteer:


Note that I chose to release even though some words are still missing.
I apologize to translators.
I had proclaimed string freeze, but some strings were still untranslated.
In fact, they were not included in po files, which they are now.
Po files are all updated on Pootle.
Very few changes were added though so you you donot have much work and 
if you can complete by next Thursday, official release will provide full 
Thank you for your patience and your work, translators.

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