[Koha] Inventory barcode scanner

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Dec 4 06:50:44 NZDT 2009

Excerpts from Greer, Katie's message of Fri Dec 04 06:27:53 +1300 2009:
> Has anyone been using a portable barcode scanner with the inventory
> module in Koha?  I'm looking for product recommendations, as we'd like
> to do an inventory of the collection next summer.  The cheaper the
> scanner, the better, of course! 

Hi Katie

1 Cheap option people have used with success, is a laptop on a cart
(assuming you have shelving carts) with just a plain old barcode scanner
plugged in. (The usb ones power themselves from the laptop). That works
as long as the cord is nice and longish :)

Otherwise any portable barcode scanner that can output the scanned barcodes as a
text file will work just fine. I don't have any specific recommendations
because prices in $ NZ won't help you much :)

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