[Koha] Query terms truncated

Stacy Pober stacy.pober at manhattan.edu
Thu Dec 3 04:08:05 NZDT 2009

We are using Koha  version with LibLime Enterprise Koha
build: 4.0000010.

We have QueryFuzzy, QueryStemming and QueryAutoTruncate all set to OFF
but the truncation still seems to be happening in every search.  Is
there another setting
to suppress trunction of search terms that I may be missing?

Also, title searches seem to be searching the MARC 505 notes field,
which includes
the titles of each chapter, rather than the title for the work as a
whole.  Is this a
behavior that can be altered?   In most library catalog systems, a
title search does
not search in the table of contents/notes fields.

A title search for:  will of god
brings up records which do not have either the word will nor the word
god in the record.

"No Other Book"
which has William and Goddess in the notes fields.
"A godly hero : the life of William Jennings Bryan"

I hope that this is an issue someone on this list can  help me with,
as I have been unable to
get an answer  from LibLime after multiple  inquiries.

Stacy Pober
Information Alchemist
Manhattan College Library
Riverdale, NY 10471
stacy.pober at manhattan.edu

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