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Krishnan Mani krishnanm75 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 26 23:47:19 NZST 2008


Koha has the couple of system preferences:
OpacMainUserBlock: to insert content into the body of the OPAC "home" page
OpacNav: to insert content into the sidebar (usually links)

want to add some static content (a few .html pages) and links to the
same from the sidebar, such that these are displayed in the same place
as OpacMainUserBlock without navigating away from the OPAC screen

the recommended way to do this? i understand that at the very least, i
will have to create and house the static content inside DocumentRoot
for Koha.

For the moment, i am using a single locale, so i am
not worried about making sure that this content will be picked up
regardless of template and locale chosen from the SystemPreferences.

Thanks and regards,

krishnan mani

Pune, India

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