[Koha] Circulation and Fines Rules

Ruth Vargas ruth.vargas at hclibrary.org
Thu Sep 18 09:00:42 NZST 2008

Hi all,

I'm from Howard County Library, Maryland and am new to the list.  My 
library is scheduled to go live with Koha in mid-December and I have 
lots of questions related to setup and understanding how the software 
works in a real environment in order to make wise decisions about 
parameters and system preferences.  I hope this is the right forum for 
this type of inquiry and that I won't become too much of a pest, but 
your combined wisdom will be invaluable, I'm sure.

I'm currently working on Circulation and Fines Rules.  At the bottom of 
the page in Koha it says: /For this library, you can specify the maximum 
number of loans that a patron of a given category can make, regardless 
of the item type.  /The column to enter number of loans is labeled Total 
Current Checkouts Allowed.

Does this mean:

    * Number of items checked out during this checkout session only?
    * Total number of items the patron can have checked out at one
      time?  In our current system we have doubled the single checkout
      session figure so the patron isn't stopped at checkout if s/he
      returns items upon entering the library that have not yet been
      checked in.

Thanks for your assistance on the first of many (simple) questions I have.


Ruth Vargas  --  Software Systems Manager, Information Technology
Howard County Library               voice: 410.313.7923
10375 Little Patuxent Parkway    fax:    410.313.7864
Columbia, MD, USA   21044         email: ruth.vargas at HCLibrary.org

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