[Koha] Backing up Koha

Amber M Amland library at mountainviewics.org
Wed Sep 17 13:56:20 NZST 2008

I think I am backing up Koha properly through what I've read on this mailing
list and what I've been shown by a tech. person, but I just wanted to make
sure.  Is this the right way to do it?  I go to export in MySQL and save all
the tables as a file.  Under Structure I check "Add Drop Table" and "Enclose
table and field names with backquotes".  Under Data, "use hexadecimal for
binary fields" is already checked.  Then I save it all as a file.  Is this


Should I:

1. Under Structure I also have the option to check "Add if not exists" and
"Add Auto_Increment Value".  Should I check either of those as well?

2. There's a drop down box of selections for MySQL compatibility.  Which one
should I use?  The options are NONE, ANSI, DB2, MAXDB, MSSQL, MYSQL323,

3. Under Data, I have options as well in check boxes, so I assume I could
check more than one.  Which ones are needed?  The choices are "Complete
inserts", "Extended inserts", "Use delayed inserts", "Use ignore inserts",
and "Use hexadecimal for binary fields".  Then I have a drop down menu where
I have to choose the export type: INSERT, UPDATE, or REPLACE.  Which one of


Thank you very much!




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