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Marisa Wood mwood at BCR.ORG
Fri Sep 12 06:09:50 NZST 2008

Hi there,

I am trying to import MARC authority records using the bulkauthimport script and am not having any luck. I'm running 2.2.9. I've defined authority types and only attempted to import a small number of one type. I am seeing the following in the script, which makes it seem that Koha wants UNIMARC authority records as these codes correspond to byte 9 (I think) in a UNIMARC authority. 


$authtypecode="NP" if ($authtypecode eq 'a'); # personnes

$authtypecode="CO" if ($authtypecode eq 'b'); # collectivités

$authtypecode="NG" if ($authtypecode eq 'c'); # géographique

$authtypecode="NM" if ($authtypecode eq 'd'); # marque

$authtypecode="NF" if ($authtypecode eq 'e'); # famille

$authtypecode="TI" if ($authtypecode eq 'f'); # Titre uniforme

$authtypecode="TI" if ($authtypecode eq 'h'); # auteur/titre

$authtypecode="MM" if ($authtypecode eq 'j'); # mot matière


I have no problem manually adding authorities, but would I'd much rather import, of course.

Thanks in advance for any advice, or for pointing out the obvious...



Marisa Wood, MLIS

Member Support Specialist


14394 E. Evans Ave.

Aurora, CO 80014



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