[Koha] Do we need to upgrade?

Amber M Amland library at mountainviewics.org
Tue Sep 9 17:01:03 NZST 2008

Hi all,


We're running Koha version 2.2.3 on Linux server 2.6.10 with Mysql version
14.7, Apache 1.3.33.  We hired an outside person to install Linux and Koha
since our IT staff are not familiar with Linux.  Since then we've been able
to keep things working well with help from you.  Should we upgrade to Koha
3.0?  Our Koha's date due stops in 2008.  Is there a way to extend that?
How difficult is it to upgrade?  I'm very afraid of losing our records and
having to start over!  We have about 15,000 items.


Thank you very much!




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