[Koha] Barcode not being generated in new MARC records

Bruce Raymond braymond at regisjesuit.com
Thu Sep 4 13:37:17 NZST 2008

Thanks Joe. This addressed the problem by changing the barcode
autogeneration to incremental.  It also fixed a label printing problem I
was having.  The pdf generator was generating errors because of the home
branch style barcodes.


I would really prefer to use the branch style though, so I hope that
functionality will be restored in the future.  In the meantime it should
probably be removed as a choice since it is unreliable.


From: Joe Atzberger [mailto:ohiocore at gmail.com] 
Subject: Re: [Koha] Barcode not being generated in new MARC records


Bruce --

All forms of barcode autogeneration except incremental are problematic.
I strongly recommend against using them.

"Home branch" or "hbyymmincr" style barcodes, in particular, are not
implemented in a widely applicable way.  It should not be used by
multi-branch libraries, or libraries with more than 9999 items, or
libraries with non-4-character branch codes, or libraries with digits or
underscores in their branch codes... or basically anyone.

The query that obtains the next valid barcode for hbyymmincr is:

        $query = "SELECT MAX(CAST(SUBSTRING(barcode,7,4) AS signed))
FROM items WHERE barcode REGEXP ?";
        my $sth=$dbh->prepare($query);

In this case, year would be "08", but you can see the flaws in this
query result in the extreme limitations above.  

You can print the branch and year directly on the barcode stickers and
spine labels you generate.  That info does not need to be part of the
barcode itself.

--Joe Atzberger,


On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 11:31 PM, Bruce Raymond
<braymond at regisjesuit.com> wrote:

Installation details:  Koha 3.0 stable.
Setting details: Automatic barcode generation using the home branch
is turned on.

The automatic barcode generating has been working ok until a few days
Now no barcode is being generated.  The automatic setting is still set

Any suggestion about how to troubleshoot this problem?
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