[Koha] Publically Accessible Z39.50 Servers

Manojlovich, Slavko slavko at mun.ca
Wed Oct 29 04:45:51 NZDT 2008

Great. Thanks


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HI Slavko,

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 11:10 AM, Manojlovich, Slavko <slavko at mun.ca> wrote:
> Several of you have replied to me regarding freely available Z39.50 servers
> which are available as targets for the Koha cataloguing client. What I am
> interested in finding is a Koha target? Have any of you set up a Koha Z
> server as a target for copy cataloguing?

LibLime will enable public Z39.50 access to the Koha 3 demo databases
we maintain (see http://www.koha.org/showcase/).  I'll send another
email when that's ready.


Galen Charlton
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