[Koha] (no subject)

Maarten Vermeyen maarten.vermeyen at skynet.be
Thu Oct 23 01:03:57 NZDT 2008


We are a small special library (archaeology and cultural heritage) of
about 80.000 items. We're currently considering changing our library
system and are considering Koha. In order to get all our data in the
system, we would require the use of the 773 and 774 fields. I've been
experimenting a bit with koha 3 (zebra enabled), but I can't seem to get
these fields to work.

I'm trying to create links between records using the 773$w and 774$W
subfields (control numbers).

I've tried to find out as much as I could from the perl scripts, but I'm
not very familiar with the language. Does Koha do anything with these
fields? If so, what does it do with them and how should I use them?

Kind regards,


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