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Joe Atzberger ohiocore at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 03:09:30 NZDT 2008

It sounds like yours is a question for a mysql forum and not particular to
Koha.  One common possible cause of installation errors is performing the
installation with inadequate permissions (i.e., as the wrong user).  You
should try to install/update mysql again.


On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 1:46 AM, carmel malawi <carmel.malawi at gmail.com>wrote:

> Problem:  When installing Koha 2.2.9 on Windows, the Mysql program
> does not install properly.  It does not configure properly and there
> is no Mysql administrator.  This means that in the path  C:/Program
> Files/ Mysql/bin there is no file 'mysql.dump.exe" so we do not have
> the ability to save using either the admistrator or the dump function.
>  We can use the data files - if these can be transfered to Koha 3.0.0
> on Linux we do not have a problem, but if they can't we need to be
> able to install with the administrator  or mysql.dump.exe function.
> Hoping you can help, Carmel
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