[Koha] Email and MyMessaging in Koha 3

Fooled One fooledone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 10:36:30 NZDT 2008

Koha v. on Debian Etch

I have been having some issues with the email function in Koha 3.
Notifications to the admin email address are not being sent despite the
appearance that they are. For example, when I log into the OPAC under my
patron account, and change my personal details - I am notified that staff
will update my details when they receive the notification.  Those
notifications don't seem to be making it through.  The same goes for when I
try to email my cart items to myself.  I get a message notifying me that the
message has been sent, but I never recieve the email.

Another issue is that the OPAC  and the Staff client show the options to
update messaging - email, rss, SMS, do not notify, etc..., but both
interfaces only show the heading, but no options to actually choose
anything.  This feature seemed to work in the version just before if I remember correctly.

I do have KohaEmailAdminAddress set with our email address and
EnhancedMessagingPreferences set to ON

Is anyone else having the same issues?
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