[Koha] Migration from Libwin

rafael.antonio at sapo.pt rafael.antonio at sapo.pt
Wed Oct 15 23:56:44 NZDT 2008

Dear I can sendfriends,

Any migration only need some steps and tools.

You can export records fron any DB if you send it for a CSV format where each line correspond to each bibliographic record.

Then you cam use a MarcEditor to convert for MARC format. I still using a great tool caled WINISIS from UNESCO which give me a lot of flexibility. May be you need some time to learn but there is a manual and I can send you some hint.
Whem you have ISO 2709 file you just run import to get records. The only proble is related with item and to link them but sooner I will try to find the way for that.


Citando Rakesh Mistry <rmistry at ori.org.za>: 

> Hi all, 
> I'm new to the list and trying to learn a few things about Koha and library systems in general ;)
> Has anyone had any experience migrating catalogue information from a system called LibWin to Koha?
> If so, do you have any tips / comments to share on the process?
> Thanks 
> Rax

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